CASEY ANTHONY is a free woman: She left the Orange County jail in Florida a little after midnight on Saturday night (--technically, 12:09 A.M. Sunday morning). She left with her lawyer, and was escorted out by two heavily-armed cops.

Not surprisingly, there was a pretty vocal anti-Casey demonstration of about 300 people waiting for her, and a ton of reporters. But she got into an SUV without making a statement, and headed to her attorney's office in Orlando.

It was 12 days ago when she was convicted of lying to the cops during the investigation into her daughter Caylee's murder. Remember, she was sentenced to four years, but with time served and good behavior . . . yep.

And here's the best part: According to "People" magazine, she's considering a career in . . . the law.

According to Ann Finnell, one of Casey's lawyers, quote, "She's been exposed to the criminal justice system and I think that might be a pursuit of hers. Whether it's a paralegal or an advocate for social justice issues, I don't know."


(--Social justice issues like what? The cold cases of murdered babies?)