Kenny Rogers Jackass [VIDEO]
For decades Saturday Night Live has ruled TV sketch comedy, but they haven't always been alone. There have been some strong challengers, including In Living Color and Mad TV.
Growing up, I enjoyed the offerings from all three of these fantastic shows...
Somebody Just Brought Grand Theft Auto 2 To Life! [VIDEO]
Look, there are tons of people that make videos on YouTube. Some of them are good...some of them not so much. BUT, every once in a while you stubble upon something that can only be described a pure genius. If you remember the original Grand Theft Auto games that used the overhead camera and cheesy g…
Ted 2 Releases New Trailer and It Looks Amazing! [VIDEO]
I was a huge fan of the first Ted. I thought it was one of the best R-rated comedy to come out in a decade. I loved it. But, when Ted 2 was announced...I was a little iffy. After watching 'A Million Ways To Die in the West', I was losing faith in Seth MacFarlane. But, after seeing the new trailer, m…
In Honor Of 4/20, Here Are Porn Stars Talking Pot [VIDEO]
Can marijuana be a performance enhancing drug? The short answer, is yes.
The publication Business Insider where they got the lowdown from Stanford Medical School professors and physical training experts. All who were in agreement that athletes see tremendous benefits from THC consumption...
ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Goes Nuts on Parking Attendant (NSFW)
Well, ESPN's mandatory hot chick Britt McHenry is in some hot water this afternoon after video surfaced of her being a condescending bitch to a parking lot attendant. Video which includes her insulting the attendant's weight, lack of teeth, and pulling the whole 'don't you know w…
The Worst Tattoo EVER [PIC]
The internet is catching fire (see what I did Pokemon fans) with, what is unarguably, the worst tattoo ever. It's science.
Apparently this guy got drunk, and tried to tattoo the Pokemon Charmander on himself:

Seriously, what the hell is that...
Celebrity Deathmatch is Coming Back!
Look, a couple of months ago, I posted a story to this very website lamenting how much I missed Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV (here is the evidence for you). Well, apparently someone at MTV 2 listens to 99X because apparently the just ordered a pilot to revive Celebrity Deathmatch!

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