Vote On The Worst Person In Shreveport This Week
Today we introduce a new award, The Worst Person In Shreveport This Week.
Every week, we're going to put up a post about the worst people in town, and you will get to vote on who YOU think should get the award. We're not going to limit how many times you want to vote, but if you see someone on the li…
Pokemon Love Puff, But Puff Hates Pokemon
By now you're either spending way too much time and energy playing Pokemon Go! on your phone, or you want to punch the next person who references the game.
If you're in the second category, you're with Puff.
Our coworker here on 99X doesn't hate Pokemon, he used to play a ton as a …
The Top 10 Funniest Name Of Fireworks
Fireworks can be a lot of fun. They can entertain small or large groups; whether it's an entire city or just some folks in the backyard.
It's not just the sounds, sights, and scares that fireworks have to provide entertainment though. The creative names of fireworks can offer a few chuckles…
East Texas Man Makes National Headlines Looking For Love
Looking for love can be tough. Imagine back in the day, without the internet, how hard it had to be.
Thankfully, we have the internet now. Which isn't limited to just dating websites, and Craigslist when you're desperate, you can use social media sites to help in your quest for love as well…
What Did Youree Drive Look Like In 1990? Different.
A lot has changed since 1990. I mean, this year we've seen a new season of Full House, we have a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and Guns 'N Roses tour is kicking off with both Axl and Slash.
So maybe things really aren't that much different...
6 Weird Amazon Buys More Expensive Than Alien Ant Farm Tickets
I am PUMPED as all hell that Alien Ant Farm is coming to The Riverside Warehouse in Downtown Shreveport this July! I fell in love with this band the first time I heard them, and I've been missing their shows for FAR too long. They remain one of the few bands that I've always wanted to see,…

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