The 5 Safest Neighborhoods In Shreveport for 2017
Last year, we took a look at the safest neighborhoods across the Shreveport area for the summer, and we heard from a lot of people who live or work in those neighborhoods. We also heard from people in other neighborhoods who didn't agree with the information...
23 Best Nirvana Lyrics
Nirvana were responsible for some of the most memorable and quotable song lyrics in the history of rock. Here, we count down the 23 Best Nirvana Lyrics.
10 Songs You Totally Forgot You Love [VIDEOS]
This morning, my little family was getting ready for the day as we always do. The kids were all dressed and eating breakfast, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and Kaci was at her makeup station laying down some foundation.
All of a sudden, I hear a song in the distance that immediately caused…

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