Star Wars Speed Dating [VIDEO]
Everyone is pretty excited with the new Star Wars movie coming out around Christmas time. In fact, everyone is so excited about the movie, they are starting to make Star Wars parody videos. And the one below, is pretty friggin' hilarious.
Star Wars Speed Dating Auch in der Galaxis weit, weit …
From Best To Worst: James Bond [VIDEO]
One of my favorite characters of all time is James Bond. He's the ultimate hero: he always saves the day and gets the girl. And he always does it with style. And out of the 20 some odd movies, there have been some great moments and some not so great moments...
Spectre May Be The Best James Bond Movie In Over A Decade!
When it comes to manly movies, I don't think it gets more manlier than James Bond. The dude is suave, kicks all sorts of ass, and ALWAYS gets the girl. And, honestly, the Daniel Craig Bond films have been pretty awesome. But judging by all the new trailers on TV, Spectre may not just be the bes…

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