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Hurricane Nate Makes Landfall on Gulf Coast
Hurricane Nate made landfall at about 12:30 Sunday morning near Biloxi, Mississippi, its second and final US landfall. When the storm rolled into Mississippi, Nate had  sustained winds of 85 mph, making it a Category 1 hurricane.
Should LSU Bench Derrius Guice For Good?
So how did a kid in college find the cash for a $75k car? LSU should probably find out before they let Derrius Guice put the rest of their season in jeopardy by stepping on the field. Not to mention future scholarships. Just ask Reggie Bush and Rick Pitino what they think right now.
Shreveport’s Terry Bradshaw Goes Off On Trump NFL Stance
Bradshaw expressed, what appeared to be, disgust at the President on Sunday. He gave a brief monologue that contained the following: "I’m not sure if our president understands those rights, that every American has the right to speak out and also to protest.”

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