New Batmobile, And Jokermobile Show Up [VIDEO]
The new DC Comics film Suicide Squad is filming in Toronto right now. Unlike most superhero movies, there have been a lot of picture releases of characters, as well as video from the set. Leaving little for the surprise element when the movie is released...
Top 10 Jess Harnell Voices [VIDEO]
For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to put together some lists of my favorite roles for each of the actors coming to Geek'd Con, starting with the 10 biggest Jess Harnell voices.
Here’s What’s New In Comic Books – May 20th 2015
In case you didn’t know, our buddies at Excalibur Comics have their own web show where they break down what’s good and worth checking out every week in the world of comics. This week the guys talk about Insufferable #1, Convergence #7, Battleworld #1, A-Forc…
Happy Birthday to Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca!
Today is Peter Mayhew's 71st birthday. If Pete's name doesn't ring any bells, I bet his alter ego will. Peter is best known as Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise. He brought everyone's favorite walking rug to life in the original trilogy and will reprise the roll in the upcoming Star Wars film, …
This Supergirl Trailer Looks Bad [VIDEO]
I'm a comic loving dork. I spend too much money on comic books, I watch way too much geek TV, and do actually own a watch with a comic logo on it.
I usually enjoy comic books getting their shot at the big screen, or the small screen. But I want them to get good shots...
Chewbacca is Coming to Shreveport!
First off, May the Fourth Be With You. Secondly, holy crap! Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca is coming to Geek4Life's Geek'd Con this coming August!
Batman Won’t Be Flying Solo in Arkham Knight [VIDEO]
We've all be waiting not so patiently for the new Batman game 'Arkham Knight'. The game has been delayed and pushed back several times over the past few months, but with the release date right around the corner (June 23) Rocksteady just released an amazing new trailer!
Top 11 Porn Stars From Texas [GIFS]
Weeks ago a weird conversation in the office turned into an often cited post on our site. That post was about the Top 5 Porn Stars From Louisiana. For a solid week, people were responding with their choices, who we missed, and a lot of "wow, I didn't know she was from here".
This Card Game From 1994 Has Predicted The Future
There's some creepy stuff online. Photo-shopped images, doctored videos, creepypasta, pictures of Kelly Ripa...scary stuff.
There's a lot of FAKE scary stuff, but the scariest stuff is the stuff that's true. Like a card game from the early 90s successfully predicting the future...
Could A Zombie Movie Win An Oscar? [VIDEO]
Most of the Academy Awards that horror movies have won in history have been for sound editing or makeup, or some other award that doesn't get televised. Occasionally you end up with a movie like 'Silence of the Lambs' or 'Rosemary's Baby' that win mainstream awards, but…
Bigfoot Film Stabilized [GIF]
The holy grail for Bigfoot enthusiasts has always been The Patterson Film. A short, shaky film the late 60s. Skeptics have taken turns discounting the video for various reasons, but some still hold onto hope for further proof.
With new technologies, new views approaches have been taken to the video..…

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