BREAKING NEWS: Def Leppard Postpones Bossier City Show
Well, there it is.
The rumors that were swirling are true. Due to Joe Elliot's vocal issues, the band will be postponing a long run of shows, including our date here in the ArkLaTex.
HOLD ONTO YOUR TICKETS! Tickets for the show that is postponed will be able to be used at the rescheduled date...
Rumors Swirl Around Def Leppard Show Cancellations
Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen dropped a truth-bomb on Twitter that fans in the Sheverport/Bossier area don't want to hear.
The Doctor basically said that if Joe continues to sing without resting his throat for a month he might do permanent damage
Texas Road Rage Bro Draws His Gun In Traffic [VIDEO]
I know people don't like to hear about gun control, but there has to be a way to keep a-holes like this from having weapons.
Maybe background checks are enough up front, but what would REALLY cut down on issues, and save responsible gun owners from having to lose their toys, would be to prosecut…
Avatar Is Live Tonight In Shreveport! [VIDEO]
Are you ready to...HAIL THE APOCALYPSE!?!?!
Avatar is live TONIGHT at The Riverside Warehouse. The doors open at 7pm, and tickets will be available at the door.
Got a date tonight? Take them to the show.
Seriously. If you have a date planned for tonight (and I don't mean a married-couple-night-out type…

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