The Double D Ranch
I recently had the pleasure of doing a remote out at the Double D Ranch in Bossier CIty.
Bling H2O — Water for Douchebags
I've been known to blow my money on extremely ridiculous items. I've blown money on everything from a $200 video game package to renting out the Champagne Room at the local for an hour or two, but there is no way in HELL I can justify spending $2,600 on a bottle of water...
Best Places in Shreveport for a Bachelor Party –- Gonzo’s Top Five
First things first, I’m not married.  So I don’t understand the whole “June Wedding” thing. It seems popular - a lot of people tie the knot in June - but what makes it more popular than, say, September? The weather? That whole “can’t wear white after Labor Day” thing? The alignment of the planets? W…
99X Beaches Boscobel Broadcast – Day 3
Although we didn't bring any kids on the trip, it was pretty obvious that Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club is a great place for kids.
As we were heading down to breakfast this morning, we walked by the Sesame Street character breakfast. The kids inside were having a blast, dancing with Elmo and…
99X Beaches Boscobel Broadcast – Day 2
Our first excursion during our stay at the Beaches Boscobel Luxury Included Resort and Golf Club was a catamaran cruise on the beautiful and exciting oceans after a morning full of "liquid sunshine."
The highlight of the cruise was lying on the "trampoline" on the front, a series …

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