Is The Original GNR Lineup About To Reunite?
Are we about to see the impossible? Is Hell about to freeze over? Are Guns N' Roses about the bring the original lineup back together?
It appears that way.
Multiple published reports are coming out that Slash and Axl Rose have come to verbal terms to make the long-awaited reunion happen...
Like A Storm Is Coming Back To Shreveport
Theeeeeeeeey're baaaaaaaaaaaack...
Like A Storm hit Shreveport earlier this year for a 99X Listener Appreciation Show, and they had such a good time, they wanted to come back as soon as they could.
So they guys grabbed their didgeridoos, and set sail for Shreveport...
10 Years Ago: Meet The Arctic Monkeys [VIDEO]
I've started to experience this a lot, and others have dealt with it longer than I have, but sometimes when I look at the year a song was released, I can feel the cold chill of mortality sweep up my spine.
I had the pleasure of working in Modern Rock radio 10 years ago...
Fox News Bashes Star Wars & Star Wars Fans [VIDEO]
What. The. Hell.
Look, Fox News is terrible, everyone with a brain can admit that. They say some CRAZY stuff on a daily basis, and even the people who like it know deep down that it's crap. Its kind of like pro-wrestling (calm your pitchforks, I'm a wrestling fan) in the sense that it you h…
Pictures From Marilyn Manson In Shreveport [PICS]
Marilyn Manson came, and killed it. Thousands of people flocked to the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium to experience the twisted mind of Manson...and they weren't disappointed. 
We sent Sonni Nichole Photography into the mix, and here's what that camera found:
99X’s WrestleMania 32 Presale Has Started!
WrestleMania 32 is coming to Dallas in 2016!
Prepare for one of the biggest events in all of sports. We're talking Super Bowl level spectacle. And we want YOU to be a part of it!
Tickets don't go onsale to the general public until Friday morning, but you can buy your WrestleMania tickets RIG…
Ryan Reynolds Is Basically Living His Life As Deadpool [VIDEO]
Ever since the Deadpool movie became a reality, Ryan Reynolds has pretty much become Wade Wilson.
This is the character Ryan Reynolds was born to play.
As a comic book nerd (and massive lifelong Deadpool fan) I could take the next 15 minutes to breakdown the changes in the character over time, or how …
Is This A New Tool Song? [VIDEO]
Just a couple weeks ago, Maynard James Keenan was talking junk about Tool fans, then all of the sudden, they do this.
Tool played their only 2015 show on Halloween night in Arizona. There were a ton of videos from the evening, but only one that is still stuck in everyone's craw...

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