News Reporter Breaks Into Rush Classic on ‘Air Guitar’
Slow news day? Roger Clark, a reporter for NY1 in New York City recently wrapped up a report on the 2013 US Air Guitar Championships by jamming out to 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush. The video comes from Monday (July 1), Canada Day. Clark indicates he was paying tribute to Canadians everywhere with …
James Gandolfini Dead at Age 51
Beloved character actor James Gandolfini, best known as Tony Soprano on HBO's classic mafia series 'The Sopranos,' has passed away suddenly at the age of 51 after a heart attack.
Father’s Day Cards From Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters
It's that special time of year when each of us takes stock of our relationship to dear old dad and shops for the appropriate necktie to give him on Father's Day. To make this gift extra-personal, it's customary to include a thoughtful note, telling your dad what makes him special.
Hirsch Coliseum Hosts WWE RAW Event [VIDEO]
WWE's  RAW returns to Shreveport on Friday, May 10th, as WWE superstars John Cena, Sheamus, Ryback, RAW Managing Superviser Vicki Guerrero, and more climb into the ring at Hirsch Coliseum.
Tickets for the "taped for television" event (RAW airs Monday nights on the USA Netw…
‘The Walking Dead’ Dubbed with Bad Lip Reading
Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ know that the show tends to get more than a little grim, so it’s great to see this Bad Lip Reading video take the air out of one of the most suspenseful shows on TV.
One of the great things about Bad Lip Reading is how the videos manage…

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