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Time for the January 15th edition of Craigslist: Shreveport
We're back again with more from the wonderful world of Craigslist: Shreveport. What I've learned after trolling Craigslist is that you guys are wrecked. Not all of you, but a damn good amount of you are deviants. Which is great news for the rest of us, because we get to find humor in your …
Send a ‘Glitter Bomb’ as a prank
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Imagine someone pissed you off bad. To the point where you're thinking of doing something illegal. Well stop right there. Instead of doing something that's going to ruin your life, why not try to ruin their life...
Guy Builds Tiny House and It Gets Stolen [Video]
A guy in Texas, Casey Friday, has been building a tiny house for more than two years And it was finally ready to move into.
The home is 228 square feet, cost him $35,000 and was built on the back of a trailer.
Friday and his wife, Jessica, bought a plot of land just north of San Antonio in Spring …

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