What do people look for when considering attractiveness? Facial symmetry often factors in. So when otherwise good-looking celebrities lose their noses, the result is a little creepy. These funny GIFs of actors without their noses give us a completely different view.

Without a nose, Robert Downey, Jr., The Rock, 'The Walking Dead' star Norman Reedus and more are transformed into aliens -- not unlike characters from a Saturday morning cartoon. Want proof? Watch the animated movie 'Escape from Planet Earth.' Their resemblance to the blue aliens is obvious.

So, why are people so fascinated by distorting human facial features? It's a funny way to distort the perception society has of beautiful or well known people, turning them into comical characters. And because it helps remind us they are still human (like us).

Robert Downey Jr.

Colton Haynes (We Think)

The Rock

Norman Reedus (AKA Daryl)

Mark Ruffalo (from 'The Avengers')

No clue on this one! If you know, tell us in the comment section.