The beer snob. We all know one. The guy who looks down his nose at your Coors Light, while he sips on his imported beer with the unpronounceable name.
"I only drink beer created in a monastery in the mountains of Afghanistan...each vat urinated in by a monk that's been fed a special diet of bananas and sweet potatoes."
Yeah. That guy.

He's not a beer drinker. He's a douche bag.

A real beer drinker knows the pleasure of sucking down an ice cold PBR in a hot, sweaty, bar...banging his head to some God-awful metal band. But, he doesn't care how bad the band is...he's there with his friends, drinking cheap beer. And getting wasted on it.

That's the guy I want to drink beer with. Whether it's a dollar draft or a ten dollar import, there's a comaradarie among beer drinkers who will swill down anything, as long as they get a buzz. It's laughing about how bad a beer is (but drinking it anyway), or discovering that a cheap beer you were prepared to bad-mouth isn't so bad. It's a feeling that a non-beer-drinker wouldn't understand - much less one of those uppity wine experts, right?

Maybe not. Check out this video of a wine expert rating cheap beer, courtesy of BuzzFeed. You may never drink Shiner again. Or until Friday, at least.