About twenty-five miles south of Shreveport exists a bizarre animal refuge for breeds not typically found in Louisiana. Inside the Yogie and Friends sanctuary, you will find a variety of big cats, including lions, tigers, panthers and cougars that were once kept as pets and then given up because they got too big for their owners to handle.

These beasts have nowhere else to go because they have had too much human interaction to be turned loose into the wild. "They were all captive born animals. Once they've been imprinted with a human, there is no way that you can ever put them into the wild," Jenny Senier told WNEM. And zoos will not take these animals because of breeding regulations.

Yogie and Friends is now responsible for taking care of 21 large cats because Senier says people are irresponsible pet owners. "I hear people talk a lot, [they] say 'I'd love to have a pet tiger or I would love to have a pet lion. I just want to cuddle with them.' They're not cuddly. When they are looking and saying ‘I want to get a pet, I can do it, I have 10 acres, I have the money, I can build for it.' - But you can't. Finally it is illegal in Louisiana."

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