Is the grass - or cash - greener on the other side?  Whenever I see that a band is releasing a greatest hits CD, I always assume that they've found a way to score more cash from a different record label, or they've decided to go at it on their own.  The old "so...according to our contract, we owe you one more album..."  And nine out of ten times, that album ends up being a live record, or a collection of previous hits.  With maybe one new song included.  The contractual obligation album. 

Is that what's up with Chevelle?  Maybe.  But give the guys credit, they do have enough legitimate hits to do a greatest hits album if they want to.  Eleven Top 10 rock singles and over 4 million albums the U.S. alone.  No need for filler on a 'Best of Chevelle' disc, right?  'Stray Arrows - A Collection of Favorites', includes all of those singles, and oh-oh, one new tune, 'Fizgig'.  I haven't heard the new one yet, but if it's not a keeper, Has a fence been jumped?  I guess we'll see when the album goes in stores and online on December 4th.

In case you don't remember them all, here's the track listing for 'Stray Arrows':

1. Jars
2. Same Old Trip
3. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
4. The Red
5. I Get It
6. Face To The Floor
7. Send The Pain Below
8. Sleep Apnea
9. The Clincher
10. Hats Off To The Bull
11. The Meddler
12. Fizgig