Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Kenny Aronoff (sitting in for Chad Smith, who's out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers) are road testing Chickenfoot in Europe for a few days - kicking off part 2 of  their Road Test Tour in Manchester, England last Thursday.

The sold out Manchester show was the first of five shows Chickenfoot are playing to promote Chickenfoot III, and to break in temporary drummer Aronoff before they kick off a full blown world tour.

The 'Foot played Saturday night in London, and even though we couldn't be there, those who could have provided video of the entire show.   Suck it down here:

Lighten Up

Alright, Alright


Sexy Little Thing

Soap On A Rope

Up Next

My Kinda Girl

Down the Drain

Three and a Half Letters

Something Going Wrong


Turnin’ Left

Future in the Past

Different Devil

Oh Yeah

Foxy Lady