What were the Chilean Miners doing besides watching soccer and trying to resort to cannibalism?  Survey says…weed, porn!

It's some tine since the 33 Chilean miners were rescued, and just like with any band that has broken up, there's about to be a tell all book released.

The Chilean miners liked to party.  They asked for weed from their friends and families to help "relieve the tension." That turned out to be not such a good idea, as you can't be trapped in a mine and have a mellow high.

They also requested blow-up dolls...to you know "relieve the tension." That request, it was vetoed by Dr. Jean Romagnoli, the medic who was stationed by the mine.

"I said 33 or none. Otherwise they would be fighting for inflatable dolls: Whose turn is it? Who was seen with whose [inflatable] fiancée? You are flirting with my inflatable doll."

They tried for the ultimate man cave and were denied.  Is there no justice in this world?!