Are you naughty or nice? The holidays are coming, and you want to make sure your partner is, too! So be fully cocked and ready to aim and shoot this Christmas with this holiday sex toy gift guide.

  • 1

    Rub My Duckie

    I rub my ducky for a long time. Rub this little fun ducky to your heart's desire. It vibrates!
  • 2

    Retro Pocket Rocket Red

    Launch yourself into orbit and achieve a higher O with this power tool.
  • 3

    Cupcake Vibrator

    Got a sweet tooth? Have your dessert first!
  • 4

    Sex In A Can Succu Dry

    For the "Twilight" fans out there, this fangy tool will keep you coming back for more.
  • 5

    The Houdini

    Why is it called "The Houdini"? Because it makes your ability to have sex disappear?
  • 6

    Miss Tawny Blow-Up Doll

    Your dream girl with three holes is here! She’ll always be happy and never talk back to you.
  • 7

    X-Mas Tuggie

    The fuzzy sock that warms your...junk.