Another great show at the Riverside Warehouse.   River Blindness, Moira Red, and the reunited Cold.  Okay, I know they've been back together since 2009, but I haven't seen them since they opened for Staind and Godsmack at the Coliseum...what? 100 years ago?  So, to me, I was seeing the reunited Cold.  Pacify me, will ya?!?

I had fully intended to get there early to see River Blindness.  Chris Benefield used to rock balls with Seasons of Pain, and I wanted to check out his latest gang of miscreants.  I walked in the door just in time to hear them rip through a spot on cover of Pantera's 'Revolution is My Name'.  And then they were done.  Still kicking my a** for not getting there 45 minutes earlier.  I will see this band before I die.  Unless a piano falls on me on my way home tonight.

Went to the front bar between bands for a drink and some conversation with Puff, former 99X-er Jeff Knight and a few others.  Got wrapped up in a (one? two, three?) large glass of Bushmills and Coke and completely missed the second band, Moira Red.  My apologies guys...another show IOU for me.

A roar from the exceptionally good Thursday night crowd tipped me off that Cold was going on, so I double-fisted my B & Cs, and headed for the front of the stage.  Singer Scooter Ward looked a little more 'gaunt' than I remembered him.  Must be on some new Ethiopian diet or something.  He may have lost a few pounds, be he definitely hasn't lost anything in the pipes department.  Spot on live versions of all the Cold songs we know and love . "Stupid Girl", "Suffocate", "Gone Away", "No One", and their latest, "Wicked World".   A great, if not face-melting, show.  But, that's okay...I wasn't in the mood to have my face melted anyway.

Al-in-all, probably the best show I've seen at the Warehouse since I moved back here in January.  Your favorite? Fill me in...