For those not familiar with Common Ground, it's a community center in Cedar Grove that has been making a difference in the community since 2004.

Common Ground provides those in need with hot meals, food bags, clothing, educational programs, and summer day camps. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of money and donations to keep the wheels turning in a non-profit organization like Common Ground, and those donations have slowly been dwindling. Take a look at the closet at Common Ground - this used to be packed floor to ceiling:

Common Ground Facebook

With that in mind, friends of Common Ground are planning a donation drive to collect some much needed items for the homeless people right here in our own community. The primary purpose is to restock the totally empty supply closet at Common Ground, but if there is an amazing turnout, and more is donated than will fit into the closet, items will be shared with the Hub or other local relief organizations.

The donation drive takes place this Saturday, August 9th, from 9am to 1pm at Southland Park Daycare, 1001 Southland Park Drive in Shreveport.

Here is a list of items that are needed:

Water (individual bottles or gallon jugs-different ones are used for different purposes)
*****GATORAID*****very needed over the next few months with the Louisiana heat)
T-shirts (small, med, large)
Underwear (small, med, large)
5 gallon buckets
Canned meat (pop top)
Canned fruit (pop top)
Snack cakes
Hygiene items
Disposable razors
Bug spray****(Louisiana Mosquitos)
Hand sanitizer
Small notebooks and pens

If you can't make it by Saturday, you can make a donation to Common Ground here: