It has been all over the internet. Chyna, the former  WWE wrestler, the only woman to be a member of the Royal Rumble, has been confirmed by your's truly that she IS a woman via her new porn film, Backdoor to Chyna. She has been in porn before, but that was 8 years ago.  If you recall she also did a couple of Playboy cover/centerfolds and we all know that stuff can be photoshopped...well, you can't photoshop a video. You can have a stand-in, but not doing the stuff that Chyna (Joanie Lauer) was doing...or rather what everyone (all 9 guys) were doing to her.  It is all shot in a wrestling ring and a gym, so even if she wasn't sure how to do the nasty, she would be comfortable...and from the look of some of the video, she was very at ease and ready for the work-out.