I've never been a big fan of getting scared out of my mind, but I gotta admit, this was pretty cool.

There's a video sweeping the web (again!) entitled "Take This Lollipop." It's everywhere I looked today, so I knew I had to share it with you!

Here's the creepy part: The video stars you!

You are the centerpiece in this wild video that features a scary-looking guy perusing your personal Facebook timeline, friends list and photos. It is a little hard to watch, especially because the video might show photos of children that have been posted on your Facebook timeline.

Here's all you have to do. Click "Take This Lollipop" at the bottom of this article, log in with your Facebook account, then sit back and enjoy.

Be sure to tell us about your experience on our Facebook page by hitting that big, blue 'Share on Facebook' button. We promise we won't do anything creepy.

Good luck!