There are tons of stories and legends surrounding the Mighty Van Halen. Everything from insane threesomes to David Lee Roth getting fired from the band because our very own Flynt Stone slipped Diamond Dave some bad acid. The stories are almost as good as the music. But the newest story from Van Halen may be the icing on the cake...David Lee Roth took out insurance on his penis!

During an interview with the HuffPost Live, Diamond Dave was asked if it was true that he got his body insured by Lloyd's of London. Roth clarified that it was not his entire body that was covered by an insurance premium, but instead it was "Little Elvis."

"[We were] going out on the first Van Halen tour and this is one of those cases [where you] get out of the way of a good rumor," the singer joked. "Before we were leaving, we had to insure [guitarist] Edward's fingers, since he will be using those a lot on the road, and [drummer] Alex Van Halen's elbows. So I said, 'What about Little Elvis? We're going to be using him a lot, thank you very much,'" Roth recalled.

You can check out everything the always quotable Diamond Dave has to say below.