If you want to have more sex, don't be a guy...you gotta think like a chick...or a hooker.

If your bedroom looks like it is typical guy territory, like standard issue apartment (i.e. white walls, grey or beige colors) or if it looks like early teenage video games, then the chances of you getting laid are going to probably be slim to none.

According to a new survey, Purple will be the color to that will get you more tail.  To be specific, purple rooms average the owner of the room sex 3.49 times per week, or every other day.






Other things to be on the look our for to get your lance waxed:

  • Red bedrooms are second, at 3.18 times per week.
  • Sky blue is third
  • Pink is fourth
  • Black is fifth
  • Navy is sixth
  • Yellow is seventh
  • Range is eighth

Conversely, if you want to make sure that your are looking your most macho or don't want to be made fun of for having a pink room, then you may want to consider the following:

  • Gray bedrooms have the least sex, at 1.8 times per week
  • Green bedrooms lead to the second-least sex
  • Beige bedrooms lead to the third-least
  • White bedrooms are fourth-least
  • Brown walls are fifth-least.

Other things to be aware of: The survey also found that silk sheets are the most conducive to more sex. Cotton sheets are second, nylon are third, and polyester are fourth.