Things have really gone to hell for Detroit Rock City, and the people aren't going to take it anymore.  The City of Detroit is making plans for a revival of sorts and so naturally they need a statue.  The city looked to Detroiters for ideas for the perfect iconic symbol for this rebirth, and someone tweeted the sugesstion of erecting a Robocop statue.

So far the city is not thrilled with the idea of a Robocop statue.  Mayor Dave Bing replied, "There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop," Bing wrote on his Twitter account. "Thank you for your suggestion."

It's not even 2029 yet and already the people of Detroit need Robocop to help save them from, well Detroit.  The support for the Robocop statue has been huge!  In just six days the Robocop Charity has already exceeded their goal of the $50,000 it will take to build the statue in honor of a Cult Classic Super Hero with balls of steel or titanium or some other strong ass metal.

We suggest they keep of up the campaign to build three Robocop statues, each one worst than the first one.

Fox News