From the entertainment news desk at the Bob and Tom studios this is an update from Kristi Lee

Kids will do the darndest things and that applies even more so to celebrity's kids. Katie Holmes took Suri . . . her 4-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise . . . to a New York City restaurant (slash) sweet shop called Serendipity the other day. And apparently, when Katie wasn't looking, Suri grabbed a box of PENIS GUMMIES off a shelf. And, of course, the paparazzi were there. Penis Gummies are candy. They're just like Gummy Bears, except they're not shaped like bears, they're shaped like . . . well, you get the idea. What's even more strange is the fact that Tom Cruise had taken 6 bags off the shelf  and had hidden them away for himself. Kidding but the fact remains that you weren't surprised when you read that.