A variation on a saying: "if you don't like the weather in Northwest Louisiana, wait 15 minutes an it will change!" And it's the truth. South of I-20, most of us have seen only rain today instead of the predicted freezing rain, sleet and snow. I did see a few flurries about 4:30 p.m. I hope everyone NORTH of  I-20 hasn't had too much of a hard day. And we still have to make it through a night with temps dropping into the mid 20's. One of my broadcasting friends over on the Mississippi River in Vidalia says "I'm ready for spring!" I must agree; cold weather is alright to a point, but I prefer it somewhat warmer. Would like bein' cozy on a Caribbean Island beach, somewhere... watchin' the surf rock, listenin' to some ZZ Top, ACDC or Saving Abel... Every one bundle up, and if driving, stay alert for ice in the oddest places.