This hotel has a view to a killer night’s stay in the lap of luxury… it is the Bond, the James Bond suite.

The 007 suite is located inside the Seven Hotel in Paris, France. It comes complete with a full collection of the infamous Bond films ranging from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. Watch them all on the enormous 62-inch television screen located in the purple bedroom.

The room also has a kingsize bed with mirrored ceilings, gold covered toilets, a lounge corner, and a luxurious shower stall. “During your stay, slip into the mythical British spy's tailored suit - you'll never want to leave” according to the Seven Hotels website.

“An exceptional decor in a mythical atmosphere, a blend of vintage chic and futuristic design. The 007 suite will take you on a crazy chase in the famous British spy's footsteps. Lap up the sophistication of the suite for the duration of your stay, wallowing in its subdued elegance, for an unforgettable taste of adventure.”

However, as amazing as it is, the 007 suite is quite pricey, with a nightly rate of approximately $620… and of course, the martinis, regardless if they are shaken or stirred, cost extra.

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