It's been a crazy couple of months here at 99X. Between attacking bands and having them attack us, we've had some pretty killer shows... X-Fest 2012 featuring Staind and Halestorm, Crowbar, Prong, Shadows Fall, Shinedown, Art of Dying ect. have all come to town in the past month or so and kicked our asses! But Memorial Day weekend is going to be INSANE with some of the craziest concerts of the year. Not only do we have the Charm City Devils playing the Warehouse for a 99X Low Dough Show on the 25th, but DOWN will be hitting the Municipal on Sunday May 27th.

Now, for those of you who have been living underneath a rock or drunk in a dumpster for the past 15 years, DOWN is a band made up of the baddest Motherf**kers in Rock and Metal. The band's line up features Phil Anselmo from Pantera on the mic, Jimmy Bower on the skins, Kirk Windstein and Pepper Keenan on guitar, and Pat Bruders on Bass. Needless to say, this show will kick the sh*t out of you. If you have a vagina, and can't handle in-your-face, kick ass metal, you probably shouldn't get tickets for this show. For the rest of you, you can buy tickets here, at the Lotus in Bossier, Disc Daddy, the Rustic Cowboy, and all Ticketmaster Outlets. Plus, we are 99X, so we will be hooking your broke ass up with tickets sometime very, very soon. Just make sure you get tickets or Phil WILL come to your house and kick your ass!

But to help you get f**king pumped for an awesome Memorial Day weekend, here are some of my favorite DOWN tunes (Forgive the Sound quality on some of these...but DOWN is just too bad ass to be contained by a YouTube Video):