Let's just say that Santa keeps letting you down. If you are 8 years old that is enough to piss you off, when year after year you get crap for Christmas. So what do you do? Steal your neighbor's stuff, right?

So if you are worried about getting on Santa's Naughty List, what do you care, if you never get what you want. You may as well double-down.  Spot the neighbor who are getting the most (or largest packages) and grab one or 2 for yourself. After all, the neighbor is getting so much, what would they notice, if one or 2 packages were missing.

Think about it, today is 12/20 and the world's going to end tomorrow anyway, so why not?

Now if you watch the video below, you might enjoy this, this little girl is bold, she goes so far as to grab a package the size of a suitcase.  And when her mom was asked about what she knew of the front door thefts, Mom knew nothing....or did she/

Only Santa knows for sure....and the video: