There are a lot of questions of the 2012 Van Halen reunion concert... "Can they keep from tearing each other apart?" "Will Eddie be a drunken wreck?" and most importantly, "Will it be any good?" Well, last night in New York City, some of those question were answered when Diamond Dave, Eddie, and the boys in Van Halen stormed the stage at Cafe Wha?.

According to Rolling Stone, the concert was AMAZING...

"...the group played a stunningly tight set of songs from their 1978 debut LP all the way through David Lee Roth's swan song, 1984.  I stood a good five feet in front of Eddie Van Halen (dressed in ripped jeans and a black t-shirt) and the man played absolutely flawlessly. It was a beautiful sight.  Before the start of a Van Halen tour you never know what Ed you're getting. The 2004 Van Hagar Ed was a drunken, shirtless mess. The 2007/08 reunion Ed was cleaned up and together, and that clearly is the case today. While Roth ordered drinks from the stage and took some shots, Ed restricted himself to bottled water and a couple of Red Bulls."

You can check out the whole article here and find out about all their upcoming dates here. Below is the only video from the show to hit the interweb so far, but we will be posting more as they inevitably surface over the next few days: