For several years now, Shreveport has been waiting with bated breath for one of the three-wheeled wondercars from Elio Motors to roll off of the old GM plant's assembly line.

Many people are still wondering if it will ever happen.

Elio, however, seems undeterred as time moves forward, and even recently published a video explaining how they are going to utilize the facilities and equipment left behind at the former GM.

Watch the lengthy video below, and make your own judgements. It is cool to see the inside of the massive plant. And if you notice, at one point in the video, a lone truck chassis sits on one of the assembly skillets. Perhaps as a reminder of what was there, and maybe a beacon of hope that the plant will once again produce autos, bringing some much needed jobs and a boost in the economy to the area.

Tiny, three-wheeled autos...but autos nonetheless.