This is a little creepy, but someone posted their grandfather's last will and testament on Youtube. Creepy is just the beginning. In his video will Pappy hereby bequeaths his house and savings to his wife, the timeshare in Albuquerque to his daughter, and to his son his collection of dildos?What does that say about how Pappy feels about his son? Is his son just a huge dick?

The collection, according to Pappy, numbers into the thousands! Pappy seems quite proud of his collection and one dildo in particular as it is kept in a safe deposit box at a bank.

However proud Pappy might be of his collection of false dongs he really could care less about his son-in-law, Ken. It's not just because Ken is Asian, but that's a big part of it. Its also because he refused to eat Pappy's gefilte fish at passover.

Everything about this screams fake, but you have to wonder maybe...