America might be known for having juiced up athletes, but the top athletes in Europe, if you wanna consider them athletes, are brewing up after a hard day on the slopes. A non-alcoholic beer from Bulgeria, Erdigner Alkoholfrei, is taking the biathletes in Europe by storm.HUH?! Non-alcohol beer from Europe? Seriously, if you do something so well why screw it up? We get that it's not supposed to get you a buzz or anything. The company that produces the alcohol free beer says it's rich in vitamins with natural regenerative powers that aid athletes recover from a workout.  Oh and it won't give you the caffeine jitters of some energy drinks.  Wow! That's an original sales pitch.  I wonder where they came up with that. Blah-blah blah. Just call it an O'Doules and get on with it.

The only redeeming quality of this "beer" is that it works like a Gaterade without all the frou frou colors, but with a frothy head and a golden hue.  Ah...that makes you want a real beer doesn't it?

Fox News