With Lance Armstrong in the news, it seems that his recent blood doping scandal has over shadowed his racing career, his banging of Sheryl Crow and his one testicle. Last night when the story broke about Lance Armstrong, we discussed everything BUT his problem with blood doping. So we went online and researched how many other famous people have only one testicle and here the list with which we came up.

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Seems as though that one ball works well. He has 2 kids with Mariah Schriver and another with the housekeeper.

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    John Kruk

    Former member "Macho Row" for Philadelphia and All-Star player for 1991, 92 and 93 and left baseball for good when he started battling cancer when During spring training in 1994, Kruk was diagnosed with testicular cancer it was discovered after Mitch Williams hit him in the groin and broke his cup.

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    Mike Lowell

    It is a question if he does or doesn't have one ball. We're basing this solely on the fact the Red Sox's third baseman had surgery for testicular cancer.

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    Lance Armstrong

    How is it that this guy can have a family who stood by him when he had a testicle removed, then leave them for Sheryl Crow .This is the same woman who told us we should wipe with one square of toilet paper. That would be one stink ass. I don't think I would hit that, for that reason alone.