A security video of a Fed Ex deliveryman has become the latest YouTube sensation. He pulls his van up to the gate of an upscale home.  So far, everything is good.


Then he  sees that to get inside, he's going to have to go out of his way and buzz the intercom.  Apparently this guy has transferred from the United States Postal Service to FedEx, and pushing that buzzer, well...that's just too damn much work.

So he carries a box containing a new computer monitor past the intercom - then,  looking around to make sure nobody's watching, he boosts the monitor over his head and over the iron fence and drops it on the ground on the other side. Looking over his shoulder, he returns to his van and peels out.

The video poster says the monitor was broken, and he was home the whole time and could've opened the gate. A Fed Ex spokeswoman apologized and said when they identify the driver, "This won't be his best day."

I think what she is saying is, "He absolutely, positively has to be gone overnight."

Unfortunately, the homeowner hasn’t even seen the video on YouTube because his MONITOR IS BROKEN! Bada-Bing!