Our big Festapalooza rock show is set to turn downtown Shreveport into one big mosh pit, so the suits at corporate have required us to share some important event information with our listeners. However, they made the mistake of not specifying how we had to do it.

Check out our list of the things you should and shouldn't do at Festapalooza.

Do: Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

Don't: Splash it all over people unless they say it's OK

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Do: Bring your lawn chairs to kick back at Festival Plaza

Don't: Bring your own coolers or grill; it's a concert, not a BBQ!


Do: Bring your service dog

Don't: Bring your horse


Do: Bring your appetite for great food and lots of beer

Don't: Try sneaking in your own food and alcohol


Do: Come prepared to mosh to Sevendust

Don't: Come packing guns, knives or other concealed weaponry