When the Foo Fighters decided to start work on their latest album,  "Wasting Light", frontman Dave Grohl said "It's time for us to be a rock band again."  What better way to get back to the roots of rocking than to record the album in a garage?

So producer Butch Vig built an analog recording studio in Dave's garage, and the band recorded "Wasting Light" the old fashioned way - on tape.

When the Foo were ready to tour to support the album, they petitioned for fans to provide garages for them to play in.  Then they hit the road,  crossing the country, playing in the winner's garages.  One helluva garage band, huh?  All of this craziness was filmed, and the result is a 40 minute Garage Tour documentary - which I provide hear for your dining and dancing pleasure.  You're welcome.