It appears that the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl isn't the only multi-talented member of the band.

During breaks in  Foo Fighters touring and recording schedules, drummer Taylor Hawkins gets together with a few of his friends (guitarist Mick Murphy and bassist Wiley Hodgden), and plays in a 70's cover band called Chevy Metal.


Recently, the band got together in a studio for about a week and slammed out an album that will be released on April 19th under the moniker of "Birds of Satan".   Hawkins, doing his best Dave Grohl impersonation, will handle vocals, drums, piano, guitar and keyboards on the album.  Expect guest appearances from Grohl and Pat Smear of the Foo, and well as a few other suprises.

Taylor, Grohl, and the Foo Fighters are also working on a new release date is known.