Here in the US, we've got our elite Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, and Stanford to name a few.  But the Chinese have the McDonald's Hamburger University in China?!

It seems the only US import the Chinese are buying into is the famous "Golden Arches." McDonald's opened up the Hamburger U outside of Shanghai, and SO many people want in that they're only accepting the best EIGHT out of every 1,000 applicants. 

That's an acceptance rate under one percent. In comparison, Harvard accepts about 7% of applicants . . . or about 875% more applicants than Hamburger U in Shanghai. (--Yale accepts 7.5%, Stanford is 7.6%.)

Students who get accepted to the McDonald's college in China learn how to manage a McDonald's restaurant. There are currently 1,300 McDonald's locations in China, and 1,000 more will be opening over the next four years.

The fight for spots at Hamburger University in China is intense because unemployment is even worse over there than it is over here. More than 26% of China's college graduates are unemployed.

When you graduate from Hamburger University, you're almost guaranteed a job right away.


I wonder if the 1986 classic Hamburger: The Motion Picture will serve as a guideline for the curriculum.