Shreveport...where else can you go to check out four awesome shows in one weekend?? I did it!! Friday night, it was Homegrown Live at the Riverside Warehouse...with Wes Jeans and his band.  It was good to have him back in town...and you'll be able to catch him AGAIN in October.  Details are soon-to-be-released!!

Saturday, I caught THREE shows.  The Media Star fundraiser at the Municipal Auditorium featured Shreveport's favorite rockers, The American Tragedy. I brought my almost-three-year-old Emma with me to the show...and since I had to get her home and ready for bed, I didn't get to stay for their performance. I got there a couple of songs before Irene & the Sleepers' set ended, and stayed through the Dylan the Astronaut set. Emma had TONS of fun dancing and singing, schmoozing with everyone, making new friends...and we even got to introduce DtA TOGETHER! She's quite the ham! Made for radio!! It was great seeing so many people out showing their support for the only all-ages venue in Shreveport...and lots of local musicians were in the crowd cheering on their favorites. Some of those musicians also had shows of their own to play later that night.

Later in the evening, I visited Mojo's for an all Knights of Thor show, with The Aftermath, Soul Solution and Trepid on the lineup. (Saw some of the same faces there that I did at the Municipal earlier in the day!)  I did miss the last two bands there...and I'm VERY SORRY!!!! Promise to make it up to you soon!

I hung around for a bit, and headed over to Fatty Arbuckle's to check out Unfit Mothers, Beauty in Chaos and IDLE of the Peach. What an awesome show!! Don't know if you're aware, but Dan Black plays bass for BiC AND he was pulling double-duty that night! I have a feeling all the bands gained some new fans at that show. I even got up and did a little cover tune with IDLE at the end of the night. Everyone was dripping sweat by the time it was all over.  Fun stuff!!

Don't know when I'll be able to hit up that many shows in one weekend again...but I did enjoy that while it lasted.  You single, 21-and-up folks with good jobs and no have no excuses!! : )  Wanna check out all the fun? Visit the photo galleries posted on Facebook at Homegrown on 99x!