Formed in 2004. Four albums. One of Alternative Press's "100 Bands You Need to Know" in 2008. In 2010, Spin (magazine) put them on their list of "Ten Bands You Need To Know". They've played Lollapalooza, been named a spotlight band on the Warped Tour, and toured with the likes of The Strokes, Panic! At the Disco, and Hole. Their music has been featured on high profile Super Bowl promos and NCAA basketball tournament ads. And yet, when you mention 'Foxy Shazam', you're still met with unknowing looks or a confused "who"?

With a sound that brings to mind the harder side of Queen, mixed with '80s pop, a capella R & B, a dollop of David Bowie, a frontman that would do Freddie Mercury proud, and a wild stage show - you've got a band that should be a household name. Instead of "who?", a more appropriate question might be "Why are these guys playing clubs?!?!?"

But playing clubs they are - when they're not on a festival stage, or opening up for Slash. On Tuesday night, August 7th, Foxy Shazam bring their "Church of Rock and Roll" to the Riverside Warehouse, and from all indications, if you only see one show at The Warehouse this year - this would be the one. Here's a little indication of what you've got to look forward to: