Remember that movie “Patch Adams”, where Robin Williams played a doctor who helped his patients by wearing a red clown nose and making them LAUGH during treatment? A team of doctors in Israel just finished a study of women who were getting in-vitro fertilization treatments.  And they found the odds of conceiving a child through IVF were BETTER when there was a clown gallivanting around the doctor’s office.

In the study, half of the women received just straight-up treatment . . . embryos were transferred to their wombs, with nothing out of the ordinary. But the other half were entertained by a, quote, “medical clown” . . . whatever the hell that is . . . while they waited to have their treatment. The result:  36% of the women who were entertained by the clown became pregnant, versus 20% of the women who weren’t.  The clown almost DOUBLED the odds of success.Shevach Friedler led the study, and he thinks the clown worked because he helped cut the stress . . . which helped the women relax . . . and made their bodies more receptive to the embryos. Quote, “Patients suffering from infertility, undergoing IVF, are incredibly stressed.  So I thought this intervention could be beneficial for them at the crucial moments after embryo transfer.” THIS IS MY HELL!!!