This is what happens when you combine a lack of sleep, ADHD, and a job that has ample down time.

These last few days I've been watching a lot of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Last Night,  I saw a commercial for a new show that tries to see how the Universe was created and it's hosted by Stephen Hawking. Now I'm not about to get all religious on you or anything but I did take into account a few things about ol' Stephen. Here's a man who is confined to a wheelchair, has zero use of anything other that his brain, and has to talk through a little calculator thing. Do you think he may be a little bitter? He's trying to disprove the existence of God and this doesn't seem like someone who thinks that maybe they got a shit end of the stick would do? Think about that. Personally, I don't believe in Stephen Hawking. I think that he was built by the Chinese government to spy on people. If Stephen Hawking really wants to entertain people and be put to good use then I do have a suggestion for him. I think that he should star in a live action broadway production of Star Wars and be casted as R2 D2. If you put him in a trashcan with a lid taped to his head, I don't think you could tell the two apart.