So last night I watched what critics call, "the scariest movie to ever grace this Earth."

They lied. If anything this movie was one bad acid trip after another. It was like watching the lives of Pink Floyd. Most of the time, you see the same rigamarole that you see in every paranormal film. The ghost got all pissy and started throwing stuff and whatnot. There's a demon who looks a cross between a spider monkey and Darth Maul from Star Wars. And let's not forget, a creepy little kid who the whole thing is centered around. If anything Ladies and Gentlemen, don't believe the hype. Stick to the classic scary films like the original Halloween or the Shining and if some raving film critic says that it's scarier than one of the aforementioned films, keep in mind, they're probably one of the same critics who said that Brokeback Mountain deserved an academy.