I used to think it took a lot of balls and patience to work at a gas station since you have to deal with jackasses all day long, plus survive the occasional armed robbery. But, like most things in life, I was wrong. The only thing you need to survive and thrive as a gas station attendant is Natural Ice. Lots and lots of Natty Ice.

Steven Paul Larson entered a gas station in Florida with his shirt covering his face. He walked up to the register, shoved a knife toward the attendant and began demanding the store's on-hand cash while attempting to open the registers. Store clerk Dilip Patel, however, was having none of that.

Patel ran out from behind the counter, grabbed a 4-pack of Natural Ice and put the nastiest beer on the planet to work. Like most human beings on the planet, the Natty Ice stripped Larson of his manhood and pride causing him to flee like a huge, whipped pussy.

You can check the video out for yourself below, but I think this proves the old saying true: 'Don't bring a knife to a beer fight. Especially when Natty Ice is involved.'