Before you make your assumption that finger pulling is all about passing gas, think again. There is a contest that I had not heard of until recently called "Finger Pulling" in Germany. The goal is to pull a leather ring with one finger until you pull the other one over a designated line. It is like Tug-of-War meets Chinese Handcuffs.In typical German fashion, this is contest looks down right painful, yet the winner looks macho.

Recently, 150 men took part in this competition and here is a video of last years competition:

The Local gives us a explains the whole concept of Finger Pulling:

According to legend, the Alpine sport was once a way of settling disagreements. It’s now a regulated sporting event in Bavaria and parts of Austria, with guidelines governing everything from the size of the tables to the circumference of the leather bands and the competitors’ weight classes.

Oh yea, this is a "Guys Only" event:

Another strict rule: Women are not allowed to compete. “It just does not fit,” said Thomas Kell of the Isargau Club, explaining the rule.

Insert your favorite "fingering a hole" joke here and enjoy your day.