James Franco, you know the scruffy not-all-there dealer from Pineapple Express, will be shaping the minds of the future while stoking his ego at the same time.  The actor will be teaching a class at Columbia College Hollywood on being James Franco.  That's not the only useless college course out there.It seems that this is just part of a trend of colleges offering useless courses now being offered to students.  Not to put James Franco down or anything.  I guess he's a pretty cool dude, but it takes a helluva ego to teach a class on being you.  After a bit of digging, I found some other useless courses that you can pay your hard earned money for your kid to go off to college and "learn."

  • Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular ‘Logic’ on TV Judge Shows: Ever felt like the plaintiffs on TV judge shows have some pretty questionable logic? This class addresses that subject directly, allowing students to pull apart courtroom excuses just like Judge Judy. [UC Berkeley]
  • Alien Sex: Explore the weird, wild and depraved aspects of sex between humans and monsters alike. [University of Rochester]
  • The Science of Superheroes: While it might sound like fun and games, this course takes superheroes as a means to teach students real lessons about physics. [U of California Irvine]
  • Star Trek and Religion: Look at religion through the lens of the Star Trek world, with discussions that address both supporting and criticizing religion. [U of Indiana]
  • Zombies in Popular Media: Every year it seems like there are more and more movies about zombies. What is the fascination with these fictional creatures? Students at Columbia College can take this course and become zombie experts. [Columbia College-Chicago]
  • Underwater Basket Weaving: Here it is, the course that has been the butt of numerous jokes about the declining quality of college education in America. Yes, it really exists and you can take it at this school and others for credit. [Reed College]
  • Harry Potter Lit: If you want to appreciate the Harry Potter novels as more than just a fun read, head to Ohio State to spend good money exploring the larger themes within the seven book series. [Ohio State]
  • Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond: You don’t have to be a sci-fi nerd to appreciate the subject matter in this course at the U of Texas focusing on the reasons, rules and social realities of created languages. [U of Texas, Austin]
  • Lego Robotics: Legos can help you build more than just that TIE Fighter, they can also be used to make real robots, as this course will show students. [MIT]
  • Street-Fighting Mathematics: While math and street-fighting aren’t two things that logically fall together, this course shows students that there is a way to analyze fighting through a mathematical pattern–something that might get you beat up in the first place. [MIT]

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