While toiling away at the interwebs, I stumbled upon a video from a friend of mine that included a VERY talented girl and a "blow" pop. Inspiration struck so below are my top 5 favorite Girl Licking Lollipop videos. Enjoy.

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    Girl Licking Lollipop #5

    Not only does she look somewhat like Cameron Diaz, she also takes time to take her top off to do some sucker licking...and that's never a bad thing. Tongue ring is a plus, but the grainy video sucks a bit...pardon the pun.

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    Girl Licking Lollipop #4

    I'm starting to think that a tongue ring is required for this type of work. Bathrobes...not so much. =)

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    Girl Licking Lollipop #3

    Yes men, she does have her own website and she gets the "most energetic licking" award. She also bears a striking resemblance to Sookie Stackhouse!

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    Girl Licking Lollipop #2

    She definitely seems to enjoy it.

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    Girl Licking Lollipop #1

    Extra points for the song in the background and the POV section (about 0:36 in.) =) This makes me wonder if this should be in the olympics...because this girl has gone pro.